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CM Tooltip Glossary is a WordPress plugin developed by CreativeMinds that allows users to display additional information upon hovering certain terms or items in a page or post’s content. It can help increasing SEO by adding valuable links to your site, and supports images, videos, html code and even content from external services such as Wikipedia, Google Translator, Merriam Webster and Amazon.

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CM Tooltip Glossary
Definition of "CM Tooltip Glossary" by Chat GPT: CM Tooltip Glossary is a WordPress plugin that allows website owners to create a glossary or dictionary of terms and definitions within their website. This plugin automatically highlights defined terms within the content of the website and provides a pop-up box with the definition when a user hovers over the term. It can be used for various purposes such as providing explanations of industry-specific terms, creating a dictionary for a niche subject, or offering definitions for technical jargon.
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