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Manage video courses, enroll students, create a file directory and forums…
Set up a Learning Management System with top eLearning WordPress plugins.

Live Student Dashboard Demo

What Can I Do With The eLearning Bundle?

A glimpse of what you can achieve with the ultimate eLearning plugin combo

Manage School Courses

Offer your students an easy way to preview and enroll to the classes in your institution. Provide video lessons and track progress

Create a Diverse Course Hub

List a multitude of courses and attract students with unique, content-rich pages. Offer collaborative glossaries

Unite a Global Community

Invite users from all over the world to create and share content. Provide a safe download directory and forums to generate ideas

WordPress eLearning Bundle Features

Different online learning tools to turn your site into an education hub

Video Courses

Provide videos organized into lessons and courses. Integrates with Vimeo and Wistia

Multiple Forums

Set up lively forums for different themes where teachers and students can interact

Course Catalog

Host a beautiful catalog of courses with unique pages and let users enroll

Collaborative Glossary

Invite students to populate glossaries of terms. Explain key terms with tooltips

Safe File Directory

Allow students and teachers to upload and download files. Moderate all submissions

Paid Classes

Monetize courses and charge students for access. Let them pay directly from your site

Course Catalog Demo

Live example of the Course Catalog you can build with the eLearning bundle for WordPress

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Included WordPress Plugins

Enjoy nine WordPress eLearning products: six plugins and three add-ons

Video Lessons

Manage video lessons and allow students and admin to track progress and leave notes. Courses can be paid

Course Catalog

Add classes, enroll students and track progress, all in one beautiful catalog. The best class registration WordPress plugin

Download Manager

Manage uploads and downloads in your eLearning environment. Change the permissions of each file

Tooltip Glossary

Creates an A-Z Glossary of terms to clarify meaning by using hovering tooltips. Includes Community add-on

Idea Stimulator

Support the creative process of generating, developing and communicating new ideas


Support group discussions, private questions, and expert support mode to enhance elearning activities

Ultimate eLearning Bundle Video

Create the perfect eLearning website with the complete plugins pack (and enjoy a massive discount)

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Purchase plugins for a reduced price. (Includes: CM Answers, CM Download Manager, CM Tooltip Glossary, CM Community Terms, CM Idea Stimulator, CM Video Lessons Manager + 1 add-on and CM Course Catalog + 3 add-ons)

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