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The CM Questions and Answers Forum is a WordPress plugin developed by CreativeMinds, that allows users to create a Q&A or a discussion forum on their WordPress site. It can be used by either registered WordPress users or using a social media login from popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+. The admin capabilities include broad control over who can view and publish posts on the forum, what posts are published automatically and which ones require admin approval, and more. CM Answers also makes it possible to create different forum sections for different types of audience, and with the help of shortcodes, those can be inserted virtually anywhere on a WordPress site.
CM Answers also has complementing add-on called the Anonymous user postings add-on, which was built to enhance the plugin’s capabilities and allow all visitors to post on a given forum without any sort of authentication, for those sites that require it.

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CM Questions and Answers Forum
Definition of "CM Questions and Answers Forum" by Chat GPT: A CM (Community Manager) Questions and Answers Forum is an online platform or community where users can ask questions, seek advice and share knowledge related to a particular topic, product or service. The questions are typically answered by community managers, experts or other community members who have experience or knowledge about the subject matter. This type of forum can be used for customer support, product feedback, community engagement, and building brand loyalty.
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