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SKU or stock keeping unit is a unique code that identifies a product or service. A SKU maybe used to identify items such as, manufacturer, product, material, size and packaging. When a business conducts inventory, it will count the quantity of each SKU and assign them to identify the product or service. A SKU is not limited to physical items, but also to delivery fees, warranties, and licenses.

Similar unique codes include the following tracking methods:

  • Universal Product Code (UPC)
  • International Article Number (EAN)
  • Global Item Number (GTIN)

Suppliers use SKUs to identify and track products in their inventory. They may be for billable products that are sold to but not exclusively provided to consumers, manufacturers and or businesses. SKUs are not the same as model and serial numbers on a product.

Magento® uses SKU as a unique identifier for eCommerce products on their platform. Each product that is added to the Magento® store must have a unique SKU. The SKU may be visible to customers or used only for internal reference.

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Definition of "SKU" by Chat GPT: SKU stands for Stock Keeping Unit. It is a unique code assigned to each product to help identify and track inventory efficiently. SKUs typically include information such as product size, color, style, and other specific attributes to differentiate products within a retailer's inventory.
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