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A shopping cart on an eCommerce website is part of an eCommerce software hosted on a web server. It allows customers to store a list of items that they may want to purchase. Customers can add multiple items using an “Add to Cart” button or similar link to add items in the shopping cart. The price of the items is added with a shipping and handling charge to give the total amount that the customer will pay. Taxes may also be calculated based on the location of the store. If the store is located in a state or region that collects sales tax, the customer will be charged the rate of that specific state.

Magento® provides a shopping cart system which is part of Magento® core functionality. The shopping cart is part of the main functionality of using the Magento® storefront and buyers use it to add products while shopping for products.

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Shopping Cart
Definition of "Shopping Cart" by Chat GPT: A shopping cart is a virtual cart or basket on an online shopping website where users can store items they want to purchase. It allows users to browse and select multiple products from the website and then proceed to the checkout to complete the purchase of the selected items.
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