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B2B (Business to Business) is a term commonly used in eCommerce to describe transactions that are conducted between businesses. Manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers typically conduct business-to-business transactions, such as buying and selling of products, services, and information with each other. Often these transactions do not involve the consumer.

Some examples of business-to-business transactions include:

  • A Magento® extension developer selling extensions or modules to a web design company.
  • A restaurant supplier wholesales plastic forks and plates to a restaurant.
  • A small business insurance provider may sell insurance to law firm.

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Definition of "B2B" by Chat GPT: B2B stands for "Business-to-Business". It refers to transactions, interactions or relationships between two or more businesses, rather than between businesses and individual consumers (which is referred to as B2C, or "Business-to-Consumer"). Examples of B2B activities include a manufacturer purchasing raw materials from a supplier, or a company contracting with another company for marketing services.
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