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An admin panel or administrative dashboard is the default management section or administrative home page section for your eCommerce store front. It typically displays key information such as orders, content, sales, recent searches, reports, and charts. It also provides an overview of the store content and recent activity. This page is seen when you log in as an administrator. As an administrator you can configure settings, adjust appearance, and edit account information. You can also view, modify, or delete information that is relevant to your Magento®eCommerce store.

On a Magento®admin for instance, you can view, modify or delete the following information:
Add/edit and delete products, categories or any attribute regarding the catalog products.

  • Search terms
  • Manage orders and shipments
  • Sales Statistics
  • Lifetime Sales
  • Store configuration like language, currency and location.
  • Much more…

Magento® allows you to conveniently manage these and other important information in the administrative dashboard of your eCommerce website.

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Admin Panel
Definition of "Admin Panel" by Chat GPT: An admin panel, also known as an administration panel, is a web-based interface that allows administrators to manage and control a website, application, or system. It provides access to various tools and functionalities for monitoring, configuring settings, managing users, and performing other administrative tasks to maintain and update the platform. Admin panels are typically accessed by authorized personnel who have administrative privileges.
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