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Above the Fold is the first section of the web page that visitors see on your ecommerce site. This top section of the webpage is what the user sees without scrolling. This is very important to eCommerce because this area often determines whether a visitor stays or navigates to another site. It should have important information such as links to product pages, cart, checkout and any other element that will help to convert this user into a customer.

Here are some key components that should be above the fold on an ecommerce webpage.

  • Navigational links and a search box.
  • Sales and special offers, such as free delivery.
  • Shopping cart information
  • Links to product pages
  • Product images.
  • Relevant keywords for key products.
  • Informative information.
  • Product videos.
  • Your store phone number

On Magento®eCommerce web pages, for example, product pages should have these and other key components and links located above the fold.

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Above the Fold
Definition of "Above the Fold" by Chat GPT: "Above the Fold" refers to the content visible to a website visitor without having to scroll down the page. This term comes from the traditional newspaper industry, where the most important headlines and stories were placed on the top half of the front page, above the fold where the paper was folded in half. In web design, "Above the Fold" content is considered the most valuable real estate on a web page, as it is the first thing that visitors see and can significantly impact their initial impression and engagement with the site.
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