Traction is a measure of how well a startup is delivering its business model and how well its target demographic is accepting that business model. in order to demonstrate traction you have to apply the general definition to your startup using a key metric that signifies how well your startup is performing (KPI). Many startups use straightforward measures of traction, such as gross revenue, transaction volume, or gross merchandise value

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Definition of "Traction" by Chat GPT: Traction is the frictional force that allows a moving object to grip onto a surface and move forward. It is the ability of a vehicle or any moving object to maintain contact with the ground or other surface and move forward without slipping, sliding or losing control. In other words, it is the force that allows a vehicle or object to move forward without losing grip or control. Traction is important for safe and efficient movement of vehicles, especially in slippery or challenging road conditions.
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