You will find a ‘Sticky Topic’, generally called a ‘Sticky’, at the top of a message-board, usually containing pertinent information or Q&As to previously over-asked questions, for sake of keeping the board running relatively smoothly. On some-sites’ boards, it is required that as a new user you read the Sticky rules by clicking into the Sticky Topic before posting, so as to dissuade spam posting and such. Note that there can be more than one Sticky Topic for any given board, though usually one alone covers all utmost essential info that need be said.

Cm Answer administrator can define any question to be “Sticky” and therefor to appear on the top part of the forum

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Definition of "Sticky" by Chat GPT: The term "sticky" refers to something that is adhesive or tends to adhere to other surfaces, making it difficult to detach or remove. In the context of business or digital marketing, sticky content or a sticky website refers to content or a website that is engaging and compelling enough to keep visitors interested and coming back for more.
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