Parsing or syntactic analysis is the process of analysing a string of symbols, either in natural language or in computer languages, according to the rules of a formal grammar. The term parsing comes from Latin pars (orationis), meaning part (of speech).

The term has slightly different meanings in different branches of linguistics and computer science. Traditional sentence parsing is often performed as a method of understanding the exact meaning of a sentence, sometimes with the aid of devices such as sentence diagrams. It usually emphasizes the importance of grammatical divisions such as subject and predicate.

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Definition of "Parse" by Chat GPT: To parse means to analyze a piece of text or data in order to interpret its meaning and structure, often in the context of computer programming or linguistics. This can involve breaking down the text into its component parts, such as individual words or sentences, and determining their relationships to each other. Parsing can also involve applying a specific set of rules or instructions to the text in order to extract relevant information or manipulate it in some way.
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