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A newsletter is a publication with a single topic that subscribers are interested in. Newsletters come in hard copy, web and email formats. The email version (also known as e-Newsletter) is typically emailed to customers and visitors to eCommerce businesses. Newsletters are primarily used by online businesses to inform, market and educate their readers. Electronic newsletters (eNewsletters) are rapidly increasing of the growth of the online media and eCommerce consumers which further requires effective marketing tools to attract buyers

An effective newsletter should:

  • Provide Updates – Updated information about new products
  • Identify Target Audience – Identify the geographic location, buying habits and product interests of your target audience through data collection methods such as surveys and questionnaires.

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Definition of "Newsletter" by Chat GPT: A newsletter is a regularly distributed publication that shares news and information with a specific group of people. It can be produced in print or digital form and typically contains articles, stories, updates, and other content related to a specific topic or organization. Newsletters are often used by businesses, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and other groups to keep subscribers informed and engaged.
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