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A small, American instrument, now usually regarded as a toy into which the performer “hums” or sings. The instrument uses a thin membrane to amplify the voice, giving it a buzzing quality. The kazoo has been produced in all shapes and sizes, but is most familiar today as a short, open-ended tube of plastic or metal with a wax paper membrane stretched across an open hole on the top of the tube. It is classified as a mirliton in the membranophone instrument category.

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Definition of "Kazoo" by Chat GPT: A kazoo is a musical instrument that is played by humming into a small, hollowed-out tube, which creates a buzzing sound. It is a type of membranophone, a category of musical instruments that produce sound by vibrating a stretched membrane. Kazoos can be made from a variety of materials, including plastic, metal, and wood, and are often used in folk music, jazz, and other genres.
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