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The jawbone has been used as an instrument for several centuries in many cultures. This instrument was originally created from the jaw of a horse, mule, or donkey. When the bone was removed from the skull, cleaned and thoroughly dried, the teeth become loose and when shook or struck, produced a loud rattling sound. This instrument continues to be popular in Latin American music and will often be adorned with small bells to add a different character to the sound. It was also used as a type of tambourine in the minstrel shows of the late 19th century in the United States. The vibra-slap is the modern version of the jawbone and retains a similar sound, but is much sturdier and is not easily broken.

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Definition of "Jawbone" by Chat GPT: "Jawbone" typically refers to the bone that forms the lower part of the skull and holds the teeth. It is also known as the mandible.
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