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Fulfillment or order fulfillment is the entire process from the sales inquiry to the delivery of the product to the consumer. This process allows eCommerce businesses to manage customer shipments and returns. Order fulfillment can be more complex when its scope is narrowed down to distribution and logistics. However, there are several steps in the order fulfillment process for eCommerce businesses, these are:

The order fulfillment process is simplified as follows:

  • Receiving Goods – Business receives goods from manufacturers.
  • Storing Goods – Goods are stored as inventory.
  • Processing Orders – Orders are processed from the consumer.
  • Shipping Orders – Orders are shipped to the consumer.
  • Processing Returns – Returns are processed from the consumer.
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Definition of "Fulfillment" by Chat GPT: Fulfillment refers to the state of feeling satisfied and content with one's life, achievements, or experiences. It often involves a sense of completion, purpose, and happiness derived from accomplishing goals, fulfilling responsibilities, or meeting expectations.
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