Under e-learning ( English electronic learning ), also known as e-learning (e- learning ) , are – according to a definition of Michael Kerres  – understood all forms of learning , where electronic or digital media are used for the presentation and distribution of learning materials and / or to support interpersonal communication.

For e-learning synonyms also include terms such as: online learning (online learning ) , telelearning , multimedia learning , computer-aided learning , computer-based training , open and distance learning and the like. a.

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educational technology
Definition of "E-Learning" by Chat GPT: E-Learning refers to the use of electronic technology to deliver educational content and instruction. It involves the use of various forms of digital media, such as videos, audios, text, and interactive activities, as a means of facilitating learning outside of a traditional classroom setting. E-Learning is often used in distance education programs, online courses, and blended learning environments.
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