A disclaimer is generally any statement intended to specify or delimit the scope of rights and obligations that may be exercised and enforced by parties in a legally recognized relationship. In contrast to other terms for legally operative language, the term disclaimer usually implies situations that involve some level of uncertainty, waiver, or risk.

Cm Answers support a disclaimer system that is shown to the users in the first time they are using the CM Answers discussion board and once approved it set a cookie in the user browser

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Glosbe Dictionary:
  • (law) A denial, disavowal, or renunciation, as of a title, claim, interest, estate, or trust; relinquishment or waiver of an interest or estate.
  • Text that is added to e-mail messages in transport to provide information that supports the sending organization's compliance policies, warnings about unknown or unverified e-mail senders, or other information as determined by the sending organization. Exchange Server 2007 allows the administrator to use transport rules to target disclaimers based on specific criteria.
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