Client side refers to operations that are performed by the client in a client–server relationship. Typically a web browser, that runs on a user’s local computer connects to a server as necessary. Operations may be performed client-side because they require access to information or functionality that is available on the client but not on the server or because the user needs to observe them or provide input. Additionally, if operations can be performed by the client, without sending data over the network, they may take less time, use less bandwidth, and incur a lesser security risk. (Source: WikiPedia)

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Client Side
Definition of "Client Side" by Chat GPT: Client-side refers to the part of a computer application that runs on the user's device or web browser rather than on a remote server. In web development, client-side typically refers to the code and processes that execute in a user's browser, such as JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Client-side programming is often used to create interactive and responsive web applications.
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