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A method of modulation that begins on a tonic and moves to the dominant of that tonic, which is the fifth tone of the scale. From there the music moves to the dominant of the previous dominant, that is the fifth tone from the fifth tone of the original tonic. The music thus proceeds until the original tonic is again reached. In the key of C major, the circle of fifths would proceed as follows: C , G, D , A , E, B, F sharp, C sharp, G sharp (A flat), D sharp (E flat), A sharp (B flat), F, C .

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Circle of Fifths
Definition of "Circle of Fifths" by Chat GPT: The Circle of Fifths is a musical theory concept that shows the relationship between the twelve tones of the chromatic scale, their corresponding key signatures, and their relative major and minor keys. It is a circular pattern that starts with the key of C major and moves clockwise, with each key being a fifth away from the previous one. The Circle of Fifths is used to determine the key signature of a piece of music, to find the relative major and minor keys, and to understand the relationship between different chords and scales in music theory.
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