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Generally, the beat of any rhythmic activity. In marching, a cadence is used to keep a marching unit synchronized and stepping on the same foot. The cadence can be performed through verbal commands with non-musical military units and typically include a call and response form of song or, with musical units, through a drum cadence. Some marching bands and other marching units such as a Drum and Bugle Corps typically employ very complex drum cadences with choreographed movements.

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Definition of "Cadence" by Chat GPT: Cadence refers to the rhythm, tempo, or beat of a piece of music or speech. In music, it is the concluding part of a phrase or a musical composition that creates a sense of resolution or closure. In speech, it is the rise and fall of the voice and the patterns of pitch and tone that convey meaning and emotion. Cadence often plays an important role in creating mood and impact in both music and speech.
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