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Breadcrumb is a navigation aid that helps visitors knows where they are located on an eCommerce store. This term was derived from the Hansel and Gretel fairytale where a trail of breadcrumbs was used to find their way home. Similarly, breadcrumb navigation helps visitors keep track of the their location on a eCommerce store. The breadcrumb is displayed hierarchically to show the exact location of the webpage in relation to other sections on the site.

It is also helpful for SEO purposes because it helps search engines to easily locate product pages. Here is an example of breadcrumb navigation: Home > Toys > Boys > Trucks. This can be used as a form of shortcut to locate and identify specific section of the store or line of products. It provides a trail of links, in this case, to the Trucks page.
Breadcrumbs can be used on Magento® stores to show where pages are located within the store. Along the breadcrumb trail visitors can select a link to return to the previous page or back to the Magento® store homepage.
{ Note: You can use a screenshot of a breadcrumb trail in Magento. Here is a link that you can refer to: }

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Definition of "Breadcrumb" by Chat GPT: A breadcrumb is a navigation aid used in web design and user interfaces. It typically appears near the top of a web page and shows the user their current location within a website or application hierarchy. Breadcrumbs help users understand the structure of a website and provide an easy way to navigate back to higher-level pages.
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