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B2C or Business to Consumer is a term used to describe transactions between businesses and consumers. Businesses typically provide goods or services to the end consumer. Businesses and consumers can perform transactions online and offline, but the acronym B2C is primarily used to describe transactions conducted by an online or eCommerce business. In this technological environment, consumers shop for services and products from online businesses. B2C refers to all transactions that are conducted between the eCommerce owner(s) and customers only, and not with other businesses..
The Magento® platform provides ecommerce solutions for online businesses to conduct business to consumer transactions. It provides customers and visitors with easy to navigate B2C stores. Magento® allows online stores to integrate both B2C and B2B solutions. Stores such as these can provide products and services simultaneously to both consumers and businesses .

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Definition of "B2C" by Chat GPT: B2C stands for Business-to-Consumer, which refers to the business model where a company sells its products or services directly to individual consumers. This type of business typically involves marketing and advertising efforts aimed at reaching a large group of potential customers. Examples of B2C companies include retail stores, online marketplaces, and service providers like restaurants and hair salons.
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