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An affiliate is a partner who is paid a commission based on the results received from marketing of products, services, and information. Affiliates help to promote products and services, as well as attract customers to a website. To be an affiliate, one would have to join an affiliate program. Ecommerce businesses often recruit visitors and customers to their website in their affiliate program through promotions, links and ads.

Affiliates receive commissions when visitors or customers click on links to another merchant’s website. Commissions are based on various factors, such as number of clicks, sales, type of affiliate program and performance. There are also other determinants, such as traffic, content and percentage for scaled commissions.

The Magento®eCommerce community provides extensions and modules that run affiliate programs on Magento-based eCommerce stores.

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  • Someone or something, especially, a television station, that is associated with a larger, related organization, as a television network; a member of a group of associated things.
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